Character Creation

Hail and Well Met

The following criteria will be used to generate your character:

  • You will be able to use any race and class in any combination from the Players Handbook when making your character.
  • Generate stats based on the 32 point buy system, as described in the Dungeon Master’s Guide, pg 169.
  • Variant Class options are available as per the Unearthed Arcana supplement, starting on pg 47.
  • Variant nonspellcasting Paladin & Ranger classes are available as per the Complete Warrior Supplement, pg 13.
  • Characters are allowed to take 1 trait and up to 2 flaws (in exchange for 1 feat per flaw). These all can be found in Unearthed Arcana, starting on page 86. These must make sense with your character build and roleplaying these traits will be required.
  • Characters are allowed 1 Contact and 1 Enemy at start. This concept works on the idea that you tell me about 2 NPCs in your life (their relation to you, their profession, race and age) that have affected it in either a positive or negative way. These contacts may be called on at later times, or old enemies might spring up to try and take revenge and foil one of the PC’s plans.
  • Max HP + Con mod @ 1st level.
  • Take the average amount of starting gold as per your class from Table 7-1: Random Starting Gold in the Players Handbook, pg 111. Players are allowed to buy any non-magic arms, armor or equipment that they can afford for starting gear from the books supplied.
  • There is a list of the languages that will be used in game from the Civilized races, on pgs 11 – 12 of the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer.
  • You can find a list of the deities in Chapter 7, starting on pg 164 of the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer.
  • You will be allowed to use any books within the Greyhawk Campaign folder from Dropbox in order to make a character. Almost any of the information in them will be usable.
  • Character names must be chosen using either the Players Handbook, or the Hero Builder’s Guidebook, pg 63.
  • You must come up with a back story of some sort to describe who your character is and where they came from. There is a map of the Flanaess (the region in which the campaign will be taking place), as well as information on the regions all found in the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer.
  • Character sheets are to be made on the Myth-Weavers sheet page and linked to this campaign forum thread. You will need to either create an account for these sites, or sign in using a social media program.

If you need help creating a character, need recommendations, etc., you can text me or Skype me (username: brettmd123). This wikipage might also be helpful.

The only additional information will be that your character will be starting in or around Greyhawk. I would recommend you read Chapter 8: Combat from the Players Handbook. Phew, sorry I know this sounds like a lot, but it’s easy once you learn it. I’ll be here to help you guys make your characters if you need me to. Just think of a character concept and build your character around that. Think of him not as an extension of you, but as a defined personality that can influence the Campaign world. Remember, the more we all post, the faster we’ll get through adventures. Hopefully we can get started around Tuesday. I’ll keep in touch and follow that Myth-Weavers link to start working on your character sheets.

Character Creation

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